Facebook new profile, social graph and new music for everyone!


&#one hundred sixty;Facebook has unveiled at the F8 a ton of new features. Well, there was also a small crash but it is much less important. Yes, because Facebook, that's life. Nothing to do if you are poor so we can continue to poker buddies. Finally, the fact remains that among these innovations, we can obviously find the new profile which we have already spoken earlier in the day, but also a new social graph and the arrival of the music streaming through several partners like Spotify  ! Not bad, r


Facebook Timeline, all your digital biography just a click away

Inevitably, we will try to do things properly and we'll start off by looking at any new profileoffered by Facebook. A profile that will be officially deployed in the coming weeks but can already be activated with a tiny hint of anything . Basically, this new profile is as the story of your digital life and "facebookienne." On a single page, and we will trace the history of all your interactions and has been since your registration on the service. Top right, and we will find a timeline … it will be possible to trace a few clicks.

The set is quite clean and pleasant visually. At the top of the page, there is a large area that will be your cover to your profile. This will dress as we like by sending an image from the hard drive of our computer or pick up in our different albums. Below, we then a horizontal strip that will contain all basic information such as the relationship status , birth date , the latest jobs or training . Farther to the right, these are vignettes that will allow other service users to access quickly to the list of your friends, your photos, all your "love" or to your. Same also for recent applications.

And that's after things go wrong after all. For indeed, for the rest of the page, Facebook has opted for a presentation in two columns . In the latter, we will find all our activity, our interactions and our applications in recent months. Naturally, if you regularly attend the service, in other words it can become messy very quickly. So of course we are free to remove the inserts that we do not like but it is not ideal because the procedure is rather clumsy and must do so for each insert …! It is to tear his hair, of course.

Well, after it is perhaps a matter of habit, but I confess that if the header of the page I was impressed, if not the rest. Too messy, not clear enough, you lose both visibility and readability.It's a shame, shame. In terms of privacy , it also raises many questions, since anyone can use the new profile to go back to its inception and have access to information that has escaped our vigilance.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzPEPfJHfKU]


The new social graph

Open Graph , for those who do not yet know, is a tool that was unveiled last year and has established itself as the successor of Facebook Connect . A tool that allows any Internet user or any user to develop a social channel highlighting the content of their choice. Yep, said like that, you might think it's complicated but it's not really the case in practice since the famous Open Graph is nothing more than the famous "Like" and " share "that allow anyone to promote the content of their choice. I know, I know, it breaks the myth a little … Well, in "real" is a bit more complicated than that but let's say that pretty much sums up the concept.

And with the F8, Mark Zuckerberg and his friends decided to go a step further by incorporatingmore social interactions with their tool. This therefore means that new buttons will appear as buttons "I mate a movie" , "I listen to music" , "I cook the pork spring rolls" , "I eat my pork spring rolls" , "I vomit my spring rolls with pork " , "I expect to emergencies" and so on. And inevitably, that says new buttons also said new partners. The purpose of Facebook is quite clear, the service wants to win on all fronts , he wants to become a web in the web graph and the new office will all
ow it to impose a bit more presence on the web.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3b94kFBah8]


The arrival of listening to music streaming

And to illustrate this new social graph, Facebook has obviously relied on … a new tool! Mark has unveiled a major innovation, namely the possibility of listening to music streamingwithout leaving the social network, and even then share with friends. Specifically, the famous Ticker, we always find the activity of his friends, but it will be possible to see what they are listening. With a few clicks, you will be able to listen to his song and discover new music.

And to develop this tool, Facebook has obviously relied on a number of partners as Deezer ,RDIO , Vevo or Spotify . In the end, it is fifteen music services who participated in the development of this application. Rather nice, it's true, but it also raises lots of questions.Consider, for example, will there a subscription to access this tool? If we already have a premium or at Spotify in others, you it will be enough or will he need to iron to the body? For now, we still lack information on the subject but we already know that Facebook is not limited to music. No, actually, the service managed to attract many companies and social networks will eventually be present in all areas of entertainment.

Suffice to say that it is weaving a new fabric and one wonders what it will give … What is certain, at least, is that everyone will not appreciate these necessarily new. With the new social graph, Facebook and its partners can indeed know everything about you , you love movies, books you read, the music you listen to and much more. So of course it was already more or less possible by going to browse profiles of people, but this time the information gathered will be much more accurate and needless to say that they will fuel the social network advertising program. But that, you guessed already, right?


The question you probably ask yourself is knowing when it will be possible to enjoy all these features. Well be happy, friends, as these are currently being deployed and we should all take advantage of new features of Facebook in the coming weeks .

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