Facebook now to send money through Messenger



Users of Facebook Messenger will be able to exchange money directly from the instant messaging application. The operation is extremely simple, simply tap the $ button in the app and select the amount to send to a contact: Your bank account will then be credited with the corresponding amount (which will take between one to three days business day)

It is obviously that users have informed their banking information (Visa and Mastercard to start with) for the transfer to be operational. Facebook twill manage this type of transaction, but that’s another matter. In addition, this new feature is limited for the moment in the United States.

The social network course focuses on trade security. The system is encrypted end to end and is separated from other business activities. It receives special attention in terms of control and management. More interestingly, Facebook has established an internal team of security experts and anti-fraud experts. Worth the time to build a relationship of trust with its users.

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