Facebook announced its new Workplace platform, a service that is designed specifically for all companies is now available. It is thanks to Workplace, companies will have a special place from which to communicate, share and manage content and files and have the possibility to organize all your tasks in a very simple way.

This enterprise solution called Workplace Facebook and is now fully available from their website and as an application for iOS. Let’s talk about this new software Facebook which aims also enter our work, it seems that Facebook will not have to possess much of our free time, now wants to also join to work. Workplace seems a mark somewhat apart from Facebook, but we all know how it works with Mark Zuckerberg company .


With Workplace, Facebook aims to compete with applications like Slack and Hitchat, taking advantage of the familiarity of users with the social network to create collaborative work environments using its tools. However, to really have meaning this initiative we have to look at the prices, because Facebook wants to enter through the front door in this respect, are not only very low, but decline as there are more users of the platform. While Slack charges about $6 per month per user, Facebook going to charge only $1 for each of the users monthly.


Not meaning that Workplace will become the final alternative, as it will be playing to try to see if definitely works as promised, but if you take advantage as they say the systems and tools of Facebook, the most logical is that its performance is unmatched, and insurance will progress over time. What perhaps may be more shocking is the fact that Zuckerberg’s company is also present in our labor relations.

Among other things, Workplace Facebook offer us the ability to create groups and chats, and collaborate with colleagues directly from them. We do not know is whether Facebook will choose to integrate Messenger with Workplace in the future, but it looks so.

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