The video looks set to dominate social networks in this year 2015, and Facebook is already preparing for it with Riff : a very simple application that can record videos with our friends, and already available to install in our Android devices, if we start fooling with our friends and contacts.

in its press release , have fun with our friends is the center of the Facebook experience, and want to keep improving the social network in that regard. To achieve this goal, some Facebook employees have been overtime in the office to devise a new project: create an application of collaborative video, in which is a video response to another video and a chain is formed of funny videos.

Facebook Riff

Almost since I have summarized what is Facebook Riff : someone starts with a video, adds a subject, and our friends can see it, but grace is that any of our friends can record your own video response and add at the end of our video. Thus, a short video can be converted into a large video formed around a circle of friends, and everything can be shared on Facebook and outside the network.

In any case, this does not seem one of the jokes worked April 1, because we already unburden Facebook Riff on Android and iOS , plus see a video example that Facebook’s own people stressed and taught exactly how the concept works. Do any of you have already encouraged to record their own videos?

Download Riff for Android / iOS from the iTunes App Store for free.

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