A week ago when Apple launched all its news feature to significantly improved reading articles through Facebook, which is becoming useful. Unfortunately because of most shared articles on Facebook are vital sources and little formal, beyond which are the true news using the API for instant items. Facebook now wants to renew the way we see our notifications in iOS, a new tab will custom notifications for each user, so that we can better manage them, more orderly fashion.

On Monday October 26, Facebook announced the new notifications tab, extended and customized. Not just another tab notifications according to them, now users can add detailed information about certain aspects of the application, that is, selecting what they prefer to see in this tab as well as family events, birthdays and other notifications you want to see, and even get instant notification of pages we follow for some reason, a step further in customizing Facebook to stop receiving such trash, which is most of the website itself.

Facebook will begin to provide additional information such as sports scores, nearby events, films shown in theaters in our area and so on. The new card will also notify updates weather, nearby restaurants, about friends’ birthdays and other information to organize a night out. The user may choose to adjust these cards and activate those you deem interesting. Changes have already been added on a limited number of devices, but the full roll-out should be completed in the next few days without updating the app.

Location history can also enable within the application for information on Facebook about where we are , if as you were receiving little publicity as normal. And you can also receive weather updates, movie theaters emitting close to you or a list of nearby places where you can eat, ultimately, advertising. The social network is renewed again and again, however, their updates are usually always hide a common goal, and monetize more and better advertising.

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