In a couple weeks,  we will be able to watch Facebook TV. Yes, that is right. Mark Zuckerberg and his team plan to introduce this new feature is about to bear fruit in the coming weeks after several failed attempts, according from Bloomberg.

The launch of Facebook TV is scheduled for mid-August. With this new project, the company wants to get on the multimedia content train in general and the video in particular, where its most direct competitors, YouTube and Snapchat, take advantage of this. A first step was with the strong commitment to Facebook Messenger as an independent channel to have conversations with our friends, and that soon will have advertising.

Zuckerberg company is finalizing the details of the new project of this new social network. Facebook TV should have hit the market last June, but the launch of Zuckerberg’s new project and company has been delayed until this August.

As we have learned, during the first weeks of Facebook TV we will see contents of short duration and of a relatively low quality. As they see the reception of this project, new titles will be added to the catalog of television on Facebook, betting on a higher quality. Among them we will find titles of own production (between 20 – 30 minutes duration) and videos made by the users themselves, but focused on specialized topics.

It is believed that there will be an independent video section to watch Facebook TV, which will appear outside the news feed of each user and will be available to more than 2 billion users of this social network. Facebook TV is aimed at a specific target audience: young users who stopped watching traditional television to consume content online.

With this ambitious project, Facebook aims to compete with YouTube, and to a lesser extent with on-demand video platforms such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video. It aims to be an agent more of the advertising television market and obtain a greater part of the  $70 billion that are in game.

To launch the Facebook TV channel, the company would have commissioned a number of short videos, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, to different media (including BuzzFeed and Vox Media). On the other hand, it would be financing the creation and implementation of high-end series with a duration similar to the contents of cable television. For this project, Facebook has hired former TV and media executives to oversee the incursion into the original video, and plans to expand the equipment in their plans.

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