Zuckerberg’s first one on Android. The great thing is that it is so open. This paves the way for “Facebook Home”. It is not a private phone or an extracted OS, but a deep integration into Android. It can be installed for free on any Android phone. Social events and friends are then found directly on the home screen, the detour via an icon is spared. All notifications to display on Facebook Home.

Even at the starting line: Cover Feed directly to send videos, photos and status updates after you’ve started the phone. The whole system is based gesture and the content is in the foreground. That is, there is no navigation, and one is from the beginning right in the content.


Moreover, can be called an app launcher, which contains selected Android apps. If you are on the home screen, incoming message appear in the middle of the screen. But if someone needs an Android app from the launcher, such as Chrome or similar, uses, receives new messages in the form of a small circular icon with the picture played in the corner. It’s called Chat-Head. The face waits there until you tapped on it and answer or the message deletes a gesture. Here Facebook chats are mixed with SMS, the conversations differ only in color, such as the handles and iMessage.


Facebook Home provides the complete Android operating system on its head. It puts the blue giants in the foreground, and simultaneously integrates all Android features. There is free on Google Play Store for selected devices, like the Galaxy and HTC One available. Every month, adding new features that promise the giant.

In addition to the software in the Play Store Facebook announced a “One more thing” to even its own Facebook phone, where Home is preinstalled. In collaboration with HTC and AT & T is the “HTC First” emerged. It is available in four colors (black, turquoise, red, white) and will be available with the “best Facebook experience” has always been open and LTE. The unit is available from the 12th April exclusive to AT & T for $100, pre-orders already being accepted.


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