Facebook slideshow

Facebook slideshow

Instagram has already shown that it takes is a filter for anyone to take photographs and even the clumsiest Robert Capa is created. The next step is to mount video to everyone for all social networks go by knowing the new Eisenstein. Google already has an editor that lets you easily create videos in Google Photos, while Apple introduced Memories. Facebook does not want to be left behind and displays his: Slideshow.

Essentially, Slideshow will automatically mount a video from photographs or other small clips you’ve taken, including music and transitions automatically. It’ll give you ten different options if you want the video it fun, nostalgic or to forward other sensation.

To access this new option, all you need to do is meet the requirement of having taken at least five photos or videos in the past 24 hours. Then, when you go to publish a state, Slideshow appear among the options available in the status

In recent months, Facebook has noticed a significant decline in publishing personal content on the social network, which has led Facebook to become a kind of bulletin board with viral images and links to other websites, while photographs and those personal moments have become shown on Instagram and Snapchat.


This is a huge problem for a company that lives ads put yourself in (and from) your personal content. Slideshow can be a new form of Facebook to compete with Snapchat, who seems to have taken the assault intimate moment with its immediacy. Originally launched one year ago Moments, Slideshow claims to be the counter of Facebook to its current competitors.

This new option is directly integrated into the Facebook application for Android, and so only have to create a new state to show us the possibility of creating a video-summary of our last 24 hours with Slideshow.

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