Facebook to score points against Google with new search



The social network Facebook wants to make it easier to browse through the mass of information to its users. On Tuesday, the founder Mark Zuckerberg Therefore Introduced a new search feature promising some easy access to search content. Instead of the regular Internet search this function should Ooops answers to specific questions, said the Facebook founder. This allows users to enter in the blue bar at the top of the Facebook website their search. The answers would then be filtered out of the information of friends and Facebook contacts.


As an example, Zuckerberg “television series, like my friends” and “photos of my friends from 2009.”  Search engines like Bing Googleand Microsoftcurrently from providing mainly left, Internet references. But so has Google made ​​Efforts to supply his own answers as search results, search as birthdates of celebrities, weather forecasts and movie listings. Internet giants are fighting hard to attract the attention of their users, Which can be marketed eventually. In the mean time facebook is trying to steal the spot with the new “Graph Search to allow users to easily share photos on Facebook, which can be access by going to facebook.com/about/graphsearch

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