Techcrunch has fleshed out into a pile of documents suggesting that Facebook will soon introduce a private photo service for the iPhone. The service within the office walls 'Hover Town' and 'with people' is called, appears to the site of many photo services that we already know. It would Instagram properties, Path and decidedly failed start-up and color combine in a particularly beautiful jacket lifting.Above all, especially that Facebook itself is a completely new application.


It is not known when Facebook's photo app for the iPhone to appear.  


It seems logical that the new photo service is fully integrated with Facebook itself. Every month up to six billion photos uploaded to the social network and that would mean that "people with" a slap in the main medium for photos to share. But the full Facebook integration is still uncertain,reports Techcrunch . The weblog spit at time of writing the documents, but claims that the new application sometimes an isolated
network that can happen to you can log in using your Facebook account.

For the record: Instagram is a very popular application that photographs can provide color filters and the photos can be found in the application itself with friends. Path is a sleek looking little social network where your photos may share with up to 50 others. The infamous iPhone app Color, you see pictures that other people have taken in the same environment. The first two apps you already link to a Facebook account to which you can send pictures by.

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