Fb is also a pile of low scores for its personal utility on the iPhone, that doesn’t imply the social community no longer extra dedicated to the iPhone.Quite the opposite. After it used to be introduced the previous day that Fb is engaged on a photo application, is Techcrunch now with the news that the big F with a white one is much more important application for Apple’s systems. Facebook is working on its own App Store from within the Safari browser is fully working in HTML5.



The new place to buy applications suffer from the name ‘Project Spartan’, suggesting that the web is still in development stage. The aim of the new service for iPhone and iPad is ‘100 million mobile users attract. The application is not offered in the App Store, but will on the world wide web to find. That explains Techcrunch as follows: it is the only place in the mobile infrastructure
that Apple Facebook itself in control. Facebook apparently has the desire to own a major player in the app market.

Currently employs about 80 developers from outside the Spartan Project. The teams working on several apps, including games and news. The developer of Farmville, Zynga, is one of the big names taking part and the digital newspaper Huffington Post is developing its own application in Facebook’s virtual store IOS to appear. The apps would next week be ready for instant deployment of the Spartan present. It is not yet known when Facebook’s App Store launches.

Developers working as above until a few months to the new (HTML5) applications and thereby the first products in the App Store sometimes feel unfinished at the time they are widely available.According to Tech Crunch, the first generation of apps on the platform of the caliber of ‘look what we can. ”

HTML5 paper offers the possibility of full-drop apps to the iPhone, even if not via the App Store itself installed. Similar to the function in Safari to a shortcut to a website on the home screen to set up, web applications may also. The big question is how the payment will go. One of the possibilities is that you pay by credit Facebook, the virtual money you can buy with real money on the social network. The credit system would normally have to work in apps like Farmville, make virtual purchases possible. Of course it Facebook that tackles a range of payments – and not Apple.

After Apple at WWDC last week announced that the next iOS 5 system software contains full Twitter integration, many people wondered why similar functionality for Facebook is missing. This could well be the answer.

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