Apple goes a few improvements IOS transferred to the Mac platform. For that reason, FaceTime considering that just a few days additionally on the Mac. Video chat with others, in the event that they FaceTime beta-put in software or an appropriate iPhone or iPod Contact have. It presentations but every other helpful function of IOS are incorporated: push notifications. You get a warning when an incoming video call, even when the application is idle.


 A blogger discovered a  background process called APSD-ft, which probably is the abbreviation for "Apple Push Service Daemon – FaceTime. FaceTime that remains in the background, was also from the experiences of users who wanted to uninstall the app again. They got a warning that removal was not possible because FaceTime was still in use, even though the app closed.

Only when you log out of face time (via the menu in the app) or when you FaceTime off in the settings menu, the process APSD-ft no longer active and you can remove the application. On the Apple website is running in the background of FaceTime also simply called:

When ever … Someone tries to reach you, the call rings through on everytime you own Mac here if FaceTime isn't running … If You Do not Want to receive calls, just turn FaceTime off in Preferences.

Apple has its own Push Notification Server service for the iPhone created, they also for applications on Mac OS X can use. The discoveries about FaceTime on the Mac just does not show or even using a remote server, or that the notifications be regulated locally. The fact that a process remains active locally, rather indicates that the app itself will "listen" or face time incoming calls.

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