In Ice Cream Sandwich ( Android 4.0) is already there, but now also iPhone owners use it: face recognition . face is an unlock solution using face recognition to access your phone, so says the Romanian site . The function is now ported to the iPhone, with the promise that it will soon be available as an application via the App Store. A demonstration of the app in the video shown below. The face takes some time.


If you wish to go to your iPhone, it pays to just a PIN code. It is unclear whether this is a direct port of the Android-function, or a separate app developed. Moreover, it is not currently a trick and it is not a full replacement for the ontgrendelfunctie you find on the current iPhones.


From the video, it's promised to make a trip to the App Store soon, hopefully without earning the ire of the retail guardians of Cupertino.Continue reading Android-style FaceUnlock ported to iOS (video)Android-style FaceUnlock ported to iOS.

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