Pretend Apple Retailer in China


Retailer with Worker on blue shirts, the picket tables, the legit holders on which Apple promotes its merchandise  and even wall equipment are precisely reproduced. In China they make after the iPhone coolly full Apple Store after. The weblog bird abroad took photographs of one of three in the Chinese city of Kunming nepwinkels. The false origin of the shop is
only given away by some boards have no Apple Store, but Apple is Tough.


Usually there is no way Apple Stores accompanying text next to the Apple logo, but we can imagine that enough people go wrong in assuming that they enter an official Apple store. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. On bird abroad are more pictures.


Interestingly enough, the author of the blog may discover that the store is fake (Apple itself has no office in Kunming, the walls were badly painted, the stairs were moderate and the staff had not completed its own name on the signs are), but they can not tell whether the iPhone sold out there really are. Well, if they just sell iPhone's real, what is the real problem to enter such a shop?

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