Whereas many customers are anxiously anticipating the discharge of Greenpois0n, sons of his mom are making the most of this to distribute a trojan underneath the identical identify because the software as a way to enable to jailbreak all gadgets IOS four.1According to media studies, lSupposed software incorporates a Trojan in a position to stealing passwords and different private information of the one who carried out it.


According to the security experts atKaspersky:

Cybercriminals have definitely been riding the buzz around the supposed jailbreaking tool. It’s presumed to be called “Greenpois0n” and it’s expected to be released any day now. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen a number of fake “Greenpois0n” Trojans.



If you search for the Greenpoison on torrent sites you might be in for a surprise:


Greenpois0n is a tool that is being developed by Chronic Dev Team that implements the Shatter exploit and available for download from a secure location. Meanwhile, do not try to download the course Greenpois0n.

You know, even experts have suggested Kaspersky be carefulHave Been cybercriminals definitely riding the buzz around the supposed jailbreaking tool. It's Presumed To Be Called "Greenpois0n" and it's Expected to be released Any Day Now. Not Surprisingly, we've seen a number of fake "Greenpois0n" Trojans.


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