Pretend iPhone charger: good deal or unhealthy?



Software engineer Ken Shirriff decided a piece or twelve USB chargers to test : original chargers from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, third party accessories such as Belkin and counterfeit products that are barely distinguishable from the real thing. His imitation chargers a danger in your home?

Shirriff thinks so. The good news is that Apple’s way charger scored above average in technical performance and safety. The counterfeit adapter as two drops of water appeared on the original product (“really comes from the same factory though!”) Was much worse in the test. Such an adapter can cause damage to your iPhone, believes Shirriff. Worse still, if you’re not careful, a fire in the home occur if you use these adapters. The test produced a very detailed article on which Shirriff the current spikes, noise, actual current, efficiency and much more have measured.

We love it: cheap iPhone accessories from eBay, DealExtreme and similar parties. Why pay $19 for an official iPhone adapter if you have an exact copy can buy for $0.19 including shipping? The price of $0.19 is obvious exaggeration, but the prices are sometimes so low that you wonder if the people who make them even bother salary. Where we also not the absurd prices of Apple good to talk, because 19 euros for an adapter is too much money. But at least you have a charger that is safe.

At the other measurements is the similar pattern: the line at the Apple charger is sleek and narrow, the fake adapter fly line on all sides outside the graph paper. If you want to know more about chargers and their technical characteristics, you can learn a lot from this article.


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