Fake Smartphone Charger Killed A Woman In Australia



In Australia, a native Filipina woman Cheryl Ann Aldeger was killed by using a fake phone USB-charger, headphones in her ears and burns on her chest and body, reports The Sydney Morning Herald, with reference to the organization of Fair Trading NSW.

According to available information, Aldeger was found dead in her own home. The woman was in Australia on a work visa. At the same time the woman worked for a laptop also connected to the outlet. It is assumed that the cause of death was the charger of dubious origin.

“Bodies are very good conductors of electricity. Somehow charge passed through her body – explained Collins. – Whether to keep it or phone at the ear in hand, we can not say. “

As the Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe stated, business owners selling/ trafficking fake USB-charger, have to pay a fine up to $875 thousand if they do private trading, and can  face a fine of $82.5 million or 2 to 3 years in prison . Aldeger investigation into the death continues.

Case with Cheryl Ann Aldeger so far is only in Australia, but in China in 2013, at least two people died due to non-official USB-adapters. Une of them was a  23-year-old flight attendant who died by a powerful electric shock received from her iPhone. The incident occurred, when she answered a call while she was charging he smartphone. A few days later,  another case became known in which the Chinese got into a coma after an electric shock received while trying to charge her  iPhone 4.

After these incidents, Apple urged iPhone and iPad users to use only original accessories. Document describing the network adapters is located on the main page of the Chinese company.

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