A video surfaced on YouTube the legitimate site of the iPhone supply away 5. The video displays how the one that makes the movie a secret hyperlink discovered on the Apple site, then within the iPhone 5-part classes. The URL proven within the film does now not work (anymore) at dwelling and on YouTube, the feedback by way of many already mentioned that the video is pretend. Alternatively, the authors made nice efforts to make it seem to be plausible.



The video is posted to a newly created YouTube account named iPhone5Website and that account also offers no background on the finder of the secret siteA clerical error in the German product in the video, "Grösserer Display", gives way to many viewers that the video is not true. The blow is given by the first web address that is visible in the video. Before the video starts, is in fact shown that the person who takes, uses an internal address.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxYnuHX3LCI] 

However, it is nice to draw what "iPhone5Website" made of it. According to the source, the iPhone considerably thinner 5, available in matte black, he again has a convex back and weighs 112 grams to the newcomer. That's 25 grams lighter than the iPhone 4. On other pages presented plays in the still unconfirmed rumors that the iPhone 5 a 8-megapixel camera and get Apple's dual-core A5 chip on board.


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