Fantastical 2 came out on top in the App Store



On Wednesday Fantastical 2 app made its debut , innovative calendar for iPhone, immediately burst into first place in the top paid programs in the App Store, beating Angry Birds Star Wars II.

On Fantastical 2, tsunami struck positive and laudatory reviews . Journalists agree that the new iteration of the application – with a big handicap is the most beautiful and handy calendar and organizer for the iPhone of all. Fantastical with a new design is sold for  $2.99.

In addition to a stylish design with two themes – light and dark – the calendar Fantastical 2 boasts an original approach to the UI. In the appendix there are no settings that show – the month or day. Instead, the developers turned to the days of endless horizontal scroll bar. To go to the display calendar month is enough to pull down the days , and they will turn into a month, the same effect also works in reverse. Of course , the creators have built a system already known to OCR , but still added a geolocation . At the same time, the very form of the creation of the event remained as close as possible to the familiar .

Rejoice for Fantastical 2 causes and history of the application. Fantastical company develops Flexbit, consisting of only two people , Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland . Nice to see that small indie developers are still able to break the jackpots in the market for mobile applications.

Download Fantastical 2 app [itunes]

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