FastRa1n: Fake Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak and Unlock?


That is an instance which proves that we are able to in point of fact in finding any scams on the Web. The software FastRa1n claims to jailbreak  Untethered and free up the iOS 5 and all different firmwares nonetheless tethered (four.three.5, four.three.four). The information speedy made ​​the tour of the net however don’t be fooled!


The tool FastRa1n is available and allows, according to the site, you can jailbreak and unlock iOS 5. Already this should get you a flea in his ear: Why FastRa1n is the only one who can do that while the Dev-Team is working on it and especially why it is so little known? In addition you will notice that if you try to download the famous utility, you will be asked to pay just as much as $ 25 . We all know that developers are constantly working for us for years, provide us with the fruits of their labor without as
king for 
any compensation and are all free (except for voluntary donation of course).


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