Features Detailed On The New iOS 9 And OS X 10.11 Ahead Of WWDC 2015



WWDC 2015 will be held from June 8 to 12, Apple held this conference on the first day and where the first adverts will be made. But many details are already victims of leaks. According to 9to5Mac, iOS 9 and OS X will win 10.11 Yosemite safer than visual innovations. Apple intends to strengthen its two systems to make them more difficult to pierce for both malware as the Jailbreak for the iOS 9.

The iOS will feature 9 new products at the interface but nothing really different than iOS 8. Apple will mainly incorporate a new element called “Rootless” that will reform the security of private data of the user. It would also have the ability to block the jailbreak in more depth. Rootless This would also integrated in the next version of Yosemite to counter malware and other viruses. Security will be so important that some data can not be achieved even with administrator access.

Another point: Good news for users of iPhone 4S and iPhone mini, iOS 9 will apparently compliant. This will prevent many users feel aggrieved – like that already happened in previous years with the release of a new iOS.

About 10.11 OS X, Apple plans to incorporate a control center, just in the idea of ​​iOS unlike be accessible from the left of the screen. Users can then access multiple OS X settings without going through traditional tabs. However, it is not certain whether the function is available from the start.

A new feature called “Trusted Wi-Fi” is also under development but could be delayed until next year on iOS and OS X available later this year. Trusted Wireless allow Mac and iOS devices to connect to wireless routers allowed without additional security measures, but would create a heavier, encrypted wireless connection for unknown routers.

These new features will be added to other previously mentioned as the new application “Home” to manage HomeKit, the new Apple Music app, the app maps that will receive transportation. WWDC 2015 will also be an opportunity to discover the new Apple TV and a 12-inch iPad offering  multi-window mode and a multi-accounts mode.

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