In a press release cites the Ferrar president Luca di Montezemolo to the "friendly meeting" with Tim Cook. "I was impressed with his accessibility and openness," said di Montezemolo."We build cars, they build computers. But Apple and Ferrari are connected by the same passion, the same love for the product, a crazy turn to technology, but also to the design, "said Ferrari chief to the parallels between the companies.

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 Tim Cook was then the Ferrari V12 FF was down, with the di Montezemolo to Cupertino, want to see up close. Of the forms and the interior of the Ferrari four-door four-wheel drive and the sound of the 12-cylinder engine, the Apple CEO had shown enthusiasm.

Also in the speech to the Stanford business students di Montezemolo made ​​reference to the meeting: Ferrari and Apple have focused both on the brand, exclusivity, both showed awareness of the people and the environment – with the latter took the Italians probably relation to the KERS hybrid technology, which uses the company in newer models and also in Formula 1.

At Apple, he got an insight into the concentration of the company on simplicity, style and "passion for the product." The inspiration of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at Apple continue to live: The man had a great respect and much gratitude for what he has achieved as a leader. Visions are important to people: "Give them clear goals and clear priorities, and give everyone the opportunity to grow."

The Ferrari president also sees a parallel between himself and Steve Jobs: He had also taken the lead at Ferrari in 1991 at a difficult time and bring the company as well as the racing team back on track can. Ferraris are the best cars today – ahead of Porsche. The cars of the German mark were indeed "perfectly, but as a freezer. Cold. I prefer the red technology, the hot technology. "


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