From KGI we get some information that encompass the features that could have the new device from Apple we present at the event on September 7; the same design as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus except for the change in the antennas so they are not as showy, these are the most striking developments that could make many users gravitate toward purchase this device despite not having a revolutionary design. Apple plans to incorporate a more powerful processor and new colors on the iPhone 7

In the inner section of the device, it appears that the new processor manufactured by TSMC to mount this new iPhone 7, the A10 will reach 2.4 GHz power leaving well below the processor that Apple included in the previous generation phones the A9. As for the exterior section, the continuista design of this device can be renewed with a new palette of colors to the lucky owners of this iPhone 7 may choose. More specifically, there has been talk that Apple could launch two new colors brighter “dark black” and one from KGI called “black piano”. These colors come to replace the classic gray space; these rumors come in line with Macotakara revealed a photograph of colors in the trays for the SIM card.

Apple will incorporate improvements in both the screen and the camera of the new iPhone 7. Section of the screen would also improve on new devices; although both the size and the resolution would remain exactly as we know so far, could include various features taken from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro enabling the iPhone screen 7 increase its range of colors allowing photos taken with your camera is displayed with higher quality.

Precisely in the section of the chamber where Apple aims to put the focus on this new device so that users will definitely start trying to acquire this new device. Although from KGI claim that the iPhone’s camera 7 also receive improvements, this report has focused on the new dual camera would only have the Plus model. This new camera will allow a dual zoom and the ability to use applications that make better use of the ambient light.

This dual chamber would be formed by a wide-angle camera with a telephoto lens and optical stabilization, containing two 12 megapixel sensors tools. Improvements in the section of the camera does not end there because Apple would be planning to incorporate improvements in the flash of it in the form of four LEDs, improving the flash True Tone device and make that photos taken in low light will improve, something he is criticizing apple devices long.

iPhone 7 also bring improvements in RAM and storage capacity

From KGI claim that this new iPhone 7 will bring the following storage capacities: 32, 128 and 256 GB. So, Apple is responding to demands for years is making about the devices come with 16 GB. In addition to this improvement in storage capacity, this new device would be accompanied by more RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus, which contain 3 GB of RAM because processing of photographs of his dual camera requires more work device . The 4.7-inch model would contain the same RAM as the previous generation, ie 2 GB.

KGI in this report states that this new device will be accompanied by a headset earpods with Lightning connection with an adapter to 3.5 mm jack; It would be the solution according KGI Apple was thinking to solve the disappearance of this type of connection in new phones. Also, from KGI claim to know the reason for this deletion: the recognition system pressure or Touch Force would be improved. Another advantage that users could enjoy as a result of the disappearance of this connection would be the addition of a new internal sound amplifier, making the iPhone sound even better.

Also, something new so far and from KGI say, it is that an improvement is expected in the vicinity of the device sensors reducing response time and increasing the distance of recognition. Besides this, the new devices include certification IPX7 water resistance, the same as that currently owns the Apple Watch, which would allow us to introduce our iPhone in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. This feature would have made production levels of this iPhone 7 from 82 million iPhone 6s last year to 65 million this year decreased.

As you can see, this new iPhone 7 has enough arguments such as water resistance, dual camera and the inclusion of new colors to conquer the market again. We’ll see if these rumors confirmed in the Apple event on September 7.

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