Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Landed on iOS



Sequel to the classic role-playing game Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was released on mobile devices. Owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users can download a project worth $15.99 from the App store right now, but the users of smartphones and tablets running Android will have to wait .

In the new part of the game developers rewrote Japanese 3D- graphics, code fixed various bugs and features an English translation . At the same time The After Years fully retained storyline and advantages of classical mechanics of the game and of the innovations noted revised management adapted for touchscreen iPhone and iPad.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, belonging to the class role-playing games have been developed and released by Square Enix for mobile phones FOMA 903i. The project came out only in Japan from February to December 2008 .

Events Final Fantasy IV: The After Years unfolds 17 years after Final Fantasy IV. In the gameplay of the sequel , as in most parts of the series , battles take place in real time. The party may still be five characters. But the game also contains new gameplay features such as moon phases, which change magical and physical abilities of the characters and enemies , and the command of attack – special abilities that can only be used by certain characters in the party.

With thought-out plot , the latest technology for its time and the best soundtrack of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has become a great sequel and a worthy representative of the genre RPG. Download the sequel to Apple’s mobile platform available right now at this link.

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