After Brian White has a few minutes before carrying crazy speculation about the iTV-a-days, he is now talking about a fingerprint scanner and it also boosts rumors to iWatch.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White is probably the most respected speculator in the Apple world, at least he was there in recent years. In China and Taiwan, he met and suppliers know that the iPhone 5S gets a fingerprint sensor. In the next Apple phone he was even the main feature. Identifying care for a secure payment procedure with the iPhone.

White believes, however, that the iWatch comes with such a scanner on the market – and yet this year. He was able to see much “movement” among suppliers. A fingerprint detector in the iWatch? Hard to imagine. The technology would be far too difficult and takes up considerable space.

Brian White is of the opinion that both devices and iTV seem even 2013th [via AppleInsider]

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