Most of the people very first thing we do to get someplace is to scan the Wi-Fi networks and to find an open connection that isn’t password secure, to attach.

Neatly, to have free web don’t all the time assured to be protected, as has been revealed now.


Firesheep is a plugin for Firefox based on a technique known as "HTTP session hijacking" or "sidejacking" allows you to monitor data traffic of people who were connected to a Wi-Fi network open and hijack the session of the unwary.

In other words, Firesheep any person becomes an expert hacker, and just to install the extension from the sidebar and click a button to get the data to connect to Wi-Fi network very insecure.

According to the creator of Firesheep, Eric Butler, the majority of sites stored session data (key / username, navigation information, compare, etc..) In the cookies, small text files. What it does is read Firesheep cookies users connected to the Wi-Fi

The only way to protect us from Firesheep is the full data encryption, not only started the session. Facebook has already committed to working on this, but the other networks have not responded.

The most popular sites are vulnerable, even developed an automated attack when entering these sites: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, Windows Live, Dropbox, Evernote, Google, Tumblr, etc. Other sites may be added to the plugin

Various media report that using a VPN can protect or install the extension FireShepherd Firesheep to confuse and prevent stealing information.

However, it is necessary to clarify something, there is other methods that can even steal information from across the corporate network without using the VPN for your business.

The moral is:
Never leave the router open, anyone can get in and steal your information
Never connect to a Wi-Fi network open "free". If you connect to the router from someone you are aware that these actions by subjecting that person.
Set your mobile device to not automatically connect to find an open network

Note: Also be careful in the open, public networks, many people tend to "clone" of networks such as Starbucks.

There is also extending TLS Force to help us survive the theft of information.

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