First Android 12 Developer Preview Released


Google with Android 12 focused on providing developers with “new tools to create amazing user experiences”. It starts with notifications, a new design, and a layout that allows showing more information. Apart from smoother transitions and animations throughout the operating system, notifications also open faster as Android 12 will push developers to abandon the old notification implementation. 

Thanks to a new API, it will be easier to paste images, videos, and other multimedia content. This way apps will be able to accept content from any source: clipboard, keyboard, or drag and drop. Android 12 release adds AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) support for the high multimedia quality without requiring more space. Likewise, all apps will work with the HEVC codec, even those that don’t natively support it. Also, when watching a video, playing games, or using any other full-screen experience, the immersive mode will work best with gesture navigation.

 When it comes to audio, Android 12 apps features tactile sensation corresponding to audio reproduction. This will make it possible, for example, to use personalized vibrations for contact or simulations in the racing games field. There are also audio improvements, with support for 24 channels. 

Among other new features, there is a greater focus on privacy, with the introduction of more controls on identifiers. Also, multiple parts of the operating system can be updated via the Google Play Store (Project Mainline), with an Android Runtime Module (ART) that allows Google to “quickly improve runtime performance and correctness, manage memory more efficiently and speed up Kotlin’s operations “. 

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