First Apple iPad 4 (fourth generation): Review roundup


mini-121024-2Last week, Apple announced a successor to the ‘new’ iPad and became the third generation model soon as ‘old’ labeled by many media. However, the iPad 3 even really outdated or is the iPad 4 an update that is particularly interesting when you have a first or second generation have? Today the first reviews published and we can make a tentative conclusion.

Apple iPad 4 – Specifications

The ‘new’ fourth generation iPad will be the third generation iPad replaced but no drastic improvements. Apple has released a number of respects. Thus, the iPad 4 is equipped with a powerful A6X processor, the 30-pin connector to replace the smaller Lightning connector, allows faster Internet via Wifi and place the FaceTime camera improved (1.2 megapixel HD version). There is also broad support for 4G networks.

The other specifications represent the third generation iPad. So you’ll still get a 9.7-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 Retina pixels, a 5 megapixel iSight camera, Bluetooth 4.0, and a battery that Apple claims 10 hours to go. The tablet is in appearance the same. The iPad 4 is unfortunately in other countries more expensive than the third generation model. The cheapest version (16GB Wifi only) costs $499.

All information and specifications can be found on the product page of the Apple iPad 4 .


Apple iPad 4 – reviews

Today the first international review of the iPad 4 published and so it is time to make an overview of the main findings, strengths and weaknesses.


Engadget is pretty clear about the fourth generation iPad. The tablet inherits all the good properties of the third generation model and adds a longer battery life, better camera on the front and faster performance to it. In so doing, Engadget that all this at the same price as the iPad 3 is sold. If there is a negative point to be called then it is the new Lightning connector that ensures your current accessories no longer work with the new iPad. Like that earlier this year in review saw the iPad 3 is also said now that the iPad 4 the best 10 inch tablet of this moment, though the iPad Mini is a very interesting alternative.

The Verge

For The Verge, concepts is the review of the iPad 4 is very short, but that is not without reason. The review is mainly to the differences between the third and fourth generation iPad looked. According to The Verge, Apple has important things even better, but it is more an evolution than a revolution. Remarkably, it indicates that the benefits of the powerful processor and the Lightning plug in two years their real added value when apps use the processor and more accessories that use the Lightning connector. Unlike Engadget The Verge indicates that you do not miss so much if you have an iPad 3, at least not yet. Well get the iPad 4 again an extremely high figure, a 9.3.



SlashGear largely agrees with the conclusions of The Verge. The iPad 3 was already a very good tablet and a new variant with Lightning connector Apple had also next year can be issued. The conclusion indicates that the fourth generation iPad mainly interesting when you necessarily want a Lightning connector. The powerful processor gets really interesting once apps appear that actually the potential of the processor. Incidentally, one sees no apparent difference in battery life with the new processor. With the iPad 4 you to be ready for the future. Go for a new iPad, however, then the choice between the iPad and iPad 4 Mini, which are the best tablets of the moment according to the website.


Also TechCrunch is quite short on the new, fourth generation iPad. One sees the new iPad mainly as an iPad 3S and improvements are therefore mainly under the hood to find.The iPad has definitely gotten better but is no must-have upgrade for users of the iPad 3. The processor is called as a major improvement but again this shows that you really notice when there are apps that use it. Where you really notice an improvement is the FaceTime camera on the front. An important point which TechCrunch cites is that the iPad 4 is apparently less than the iPad 3 when used intensively. The battery life is almost the same.


Actually, all reviews virtually the same. The fourth generation iPad is an improvement over the third generation and makes the hole with the iPad 2 only increase. Got an iPad 3 then an upgrade is not necessary, this model does everything still good. The iPad 4 is especially prepared for the future.

Price and Availability

The fourth-generation iPad will hit the cabinets on Friday (November 2)  for a cost beginning at $499. You can get the 16GB WiFi-best model.

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