First Concept Of The iPhone XI Begins To Emerge



The reports about the next generation of iPhone X is floating on the web. There are many analysts who predict that this terminal has the days counted in terms of production since the demand could have fallen and Apple prefers to invest in designing its next terminal, which could be called iPhone XI.

In this published concept by  iDropNews,  you can see a similar phoneto the iPhone X but with less notch and a reduction of the side bevels which would mean a slight increase in the OLED screen. In addition, we can see how this new generation could have a tray to introduce two SIM. We show it to you after the jump.

The concept of how Apple’s next iPhone could be start to emerge, but too soon. The second generation of the X terminal could be called iPhone XI, or at least iDrop News title their concept. Although there is a lot to see new devices rumors and reports published by the analysts show what could be the trend of Apple.

iphone xi 0

They also discuss the possibility of integrating Touch ID again, although we will not see it again in the next Apple devices after having verified that it is a good security system. In addition, it is important to remember that the latest reports suggest that we could see three new devices by the end of the year:

  • 5.8 inch iPhone with OLED screen
  • 6.5-inch iPhone with OLED screen
  • 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD
  • iPhone SE or similar with design similar to the current iPhone

In this concept you can see a reduction of the notch because the complex True Depth camera has reduced its space allowing a greater space for the OLED panel. In addition, the increase of this one not only comes by the reduction of the mythical notch, but also increases by having reduced the lateral bevels of the device.

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