Although little can be given as the first official info received from Samsung Galaxy Note 5, known until now as Project Noble, and the emergence of an unexpected new model to accompany the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, despite the near its launch, the Zen Project.

They have appeared in the database of the IMEI Sasmung already preparing two new models, the SM-G928S and SM-N920F. It would not be anything interesting, as the company never stops developing new products ever, but these two enumerations are the so far called Project Zen and Project Noble, or what is the same, a new member of the Galaxy series S6 and expected by September Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Along with these numbers, also it unveiled in SamMobile the list of models that have these terminals, revealing at least to areas they arrive each, with the good news that the two appear in Asia as well as in Europe and the US, by far:

Noble – SM-N920F (Europe – Free)
Noble – SM-N920S (Korea – SKC)
Noble – SM-N920K (Korea – KTC)
Noble – SM-N920A (North America – ATT)
Noble – SM-N920V (North America -Verizon)
Zen – SM-G928A (North America – ATT)
Zen – SM-G928S (Korea – SKC)
Zen – SM-G928F (Europe – Free)
Zen – SM-G928V (North America -Verizon)

Few details we know from these codes, what if confirmed is that the terminals are already being tested and would be in their final stages of development. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5, as usual, will not come before September and, if recent history does not fail, we will see in the German IFA this year.

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For its part, the SM-G928S, the alleged new variant of the Galaxy S6 is an absolute mystery. It would not be an “Active” version, or at least does not seem so many betting could be a “mini” model aimed at the midrange and with a smaller screen and a more affordable price.

Nevertheless, this is still all speculation with no basis, at the moment, so you have to keep track of these codes through various distributors, dealers and others in the industry to see if we begin to discover more about them .

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