First Palms-On with Android of Nexus High surfaced [Video] [rumors]


Now that now we have extra details about the Nexus Prime has now got a first hands-on showed up.Whether this really is the Nexus Prime Of course you can not say for sure.Because there are so many alleged "Hands-On" video surfaced that showed not ultimately the Nexus Prime.

Nexus-prime-orig (1)

 This video seems very plausible indeed, because it's new Android Ice Cream Sandwich and also shows the shape of the device would typically Nexus, but the device in the video looks very small when you are older hands-on video from Galaxy S2 looks This seems even larger than the Nexus Prime.

 The opposite would be the case here, because that will get Nexus Prime a larger screen than the Galaxy S2.What really is the truth we are only at the Samsung "Unpacked event" experience.

Furthermore, new technical data of the Nexus Prime surfaced.Again, there are several pieces of information, which we believe may be equally uncertain.

First, the technical data, according <a href=" a hand

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