First Images of Motorola Droid four


it's a shock for a tremendous shock! At the same time as the  Motorola Droid 3 arrived on the market last July , these are pictures of its successors that circulate on the web since last night. Even these are the guys Droid Life who have flown. Yes and if you want to know, the Motorola D
roid 4
 looks very attractive. Must also be said, a large touch screen AMOLED 4 inches and a sliding physical keyboard to accompany it, it does not grow on trees. No, not even …


Apart from the ugly fingerprints lurking around in the cabin of the mobile, we can still deduce quite a lot of these photos. The first point to note is that these pictures highlight a prototype of the Droid 4 . One can even distinguish the words stuck on one edge of the screen, a statement could not be more clear: "Motorola Confidential – Restricted Property – Not for sale"Nothing says that the terminal will not change before the release of its final version, then.


Then you can see the famous sliding physical keyboard that has contributed to the success of the range. It looks just like the keyboard of the Droid 3 except that the keys that compose itseem a little larger . Unless this is an optical effect. However, like previous models, we find no trackpad and that's a shame because the directional pad of the first Droid was quite nice. I even think that Motorola might be of digging on that side if you want my humble opinion.


On the edge of the unit, there are two ports: a USB port and an HDMI output . Class. The photographs do not show it but the Droid 4 should also carry a 8 megapixel sensor capable of recording video in 1080p. For the rest, and although we know much but no doubt we should see a little clearer So here next year. Anyway hopefully. Finally, we specify just the Droid 4 should be compatible with the 4G networks / LTE.


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