Tomorrow, pre-orders for the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus kick off in the first 26 countries and  start enjoying all the developments that occurred less than 48 hours ago. Still have not been offered for sale, but that they were able to test some US media as The Verge or Wired, who already have moved us your first impressions when using smartphones the next bite of the apple. Did they will like what you have tried? There are also videos. Find out everything after cutting.

The Verge

There is something that we use a lot with the 3D Touch “see” what’s related. We can access functions from the camera icon, we can give out an email without the need to open it from the tray and we can take a look at a web page when someone sends us a link. 3D Touch hoped were a lot of options hidden menus, but so far Apple has always given advice on what to get: a look at what it is you’re pressing. Intelligent.


3D Touch is the brand that we will fast access to the things you’re probably looking to open an application or in an email. I would call it a right click to the iPhone, but it feels as if excaváramos, so … yeah, it’s a right click to the iPhone. But it’s great! Mara many users, will remain a completely invisible part of the software, a shortcut that you never find out. If you never use it, your iPhone will work as it always has. But when you discover everything will be faster, more direct – makes the iPhone less as a collection of applications and more like a single cohesive thing.



The new rose gold finish might surprise some by as is the rose. Maybe it’s a relatively small scale gold Pink Apple Watch, but the extent of the iPhone looks almost like a salmon. Some will love it, others may find that the finish has been very demanding and is not exactly what we thought it would be.

Things get interesting when you turn the iPhone 6s. 3D Touch takes a little mental adjustment: I’m used to thinking in terms of “long blast” no “final touch”. However, once you become familiar it is clear that this will be the most enduring feature of the iPhone 6s.



Use the Force Touch in the Apple Watch can be a bit weird because the clock is a very small target on your wrist. Obviously, that is not the case here. The compliment I can give the 3D Touch right now is that it feels completely natural.

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