First iPad Commercial during Oscars and iPad Battery Life[video]


The primary tv industrial for the iPad aired all the way through the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. The 30-2nd spot presentations the iPad in use, and highlights a number of the tool’s constructed-in purposes, together with Photographs, Maps, iTunes, iPod, Safari, Calendar, and Mail, together with iBooks, the iBookstore, and Pages. The advert finishes by using exhibiting the tool’s launch date adopted by way of the iPad identify.



Steve Jobs has been busy answering emails this week. This time, Steve spared his time to respond to GCN’s John Breeden disbelief about the iPad’s battery life that was claimed by Jobs’ during his presentation on January 27 event at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. In his previous column last week, Breeden showed serious serious concerns and doubts about the iPad’s estimated 10 hours of battery life, in response to which he received lot many bad comments from Apple’s fans. Prior to responding to those comments, he thought it was rather appropriate to put the whole issue and his perspective to Steve once again for his final opinion.

I e-mailed him to say that I didn’t mean to imply that he was lying during his iPad presentation, as several people accused me of in their comments. People make presentations written by marketers all the time that are not 100 percent truthful, and it doesn’t make them liars.

Breeden further asked confirmation about one of the comment that was signed as “Steve Jobs”, and he got his answer:

Sorry, wasn’t me.

And, yes, we are getting 10 hours in 1.5 pounds.

Sent from my iPad

There you go! This smart, crisp, and to the point reply of Steve now shoudnt leave any doubt on iPad’s 10 hours of battery life. [via MacRumors and TiPB]

Take a look at the commercial below; as well as a picture of Twitter user jonmchu with Steve Jobs



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