First iPad mini accessories: Smart Cover and other cases


ipad-mini-smart-coverThe iPad mini is announced and that means we can expect the first accessories. Apple’s new Smart Covers itself on the market. They are available in six colors and are made of polyurethane.The leather covers you for the 9.7-inch iPad could buy will not (yet) available for the iPad mini. You can choose colors like pink, gray, blue, green, black, and special Product RED version that only through the Apple Store will be for sale. The covers are in store for $39, the same price that Apple also asks for the large model Smart Cover. Meanwhile, other manufacturers have already announced accessories. Apple made a promo video about the new Smart Covers:


Otterbox Defender Series for iPad, the mini release. This is an extra protective case suitable if you want to take your iPad during a mini-bike or hike. The cover will cost $ 70 and is available in black, gray and magenta pink. Currently the case in pre-order to order.


ZAGG makes screenprotectors and was therefore quickly finished announcing new products.They just need the new dimensions of the screen to know. The InvisibleShield will be available from mid-November and covered both the front and back of the iPad mini. The standard version costs $ 35 and for Hi-Definition version, you pay $ 40. Hi-definition means that the brightness is better and that the surface has the same effect as a glass.

ipad-mini-defender-otterbox   zagg-invisible-shield

Incipio has immediately announced four new cases for the iPad mini. They go the Mini NGP on the market, a somewhat ‘rugged’ cover in the colors pink, black and white ($ 35). There is also a Mini LGND ($ 35) which is provided with a rigid frame and is collapsible to a standing container, for example, video programs to watch. The Mini Feather ($ 35) is an ultra thin case you behind the iPad mini clicks and which is available in the colors red, orange, pink, black, light blue, purple and gray. The most expensive case is the Mini Lexington ($ 40), a hard case coated with leather, where the manufacturer euphemistic name ‘vegan leather’ invented for. The inside is coated with micro-suede, also a plastic.


The lesser known brand X-Doria has a huge variety of mini-iPad sleeves announced. This brand will be more difficult obtainable from the Netherlands and we saw them on the website yet. But you certainly much choice. There are five cases, namely the Smart Style, Smart Jacket, Sleeve Stand, Dash Folio and Engage. Engage the cheapest costs $ 20, the most expensive two are the Smart Style and Dash Folio ($ 40).

With iLuv you can get five new cases, including the CEO Folio (a writing-like case) and the super thin epicarp. They are available from $ 20 and go up to $ 80.

The cover in the picture is the Shop Drop of Hard Candy .Which is 10 mm thick and includes silicone rubber.You iPad mini is further neatly secure, together with tear-resistant safety of ports and buttons and a construction that makes the iPad mini is not going to slip out of your arms.

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