First iPhone 4S shipping confirmation


The iPhone 4S has just gone into pre-order, or the first shipment confirmations are received by the buyer. These are devices through Sprint and ordered to be delivered via UPS. Even AT&T is processing the orders already begun. However, that does not mean that people Tuesday their iPhone in-house, as the term 'Next Day PM' suggests. 


Apple makes arrangements with couriers to ensure that the orders at exactly the right time to be delivered. Yet while it sometimes happened that one day someone's package was too early.

If your order's status, "Preparing for Shipment" status, you can see the status of your iPhone 4S trace. Otherwise there is no other way than on Friday in the line up in London, Paris or any of the other cities where the iPhone already 4S launched October 14. Netherlands, October 28 at the turn. To the influx of buyers to be processed, the Apple Stores coming on Friday at 8:00 am open. Buyers will be handled in the order they stand in line. Online was the first stock of the iPhone 4S already sold out the first sales, delivery times have increased to 1 to 2 weeks . 


And though the iPhone 4S in the eyes of the general public has not really anything new, provided this device when a record number of orders on.

 Indeed, this last seems to have dropped the reins a little earlier than expected. A customer who placed the order with him was notified that its 32 GB white iPhone 4S will be dispatched within hours to go.

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