First iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus photos Leaked



The french website NoWhereElse published several images showing the real iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case. It is assumed that these models are to be exhibited in the windows of some physical stores and confirm several recent rumors.

The first thing that would confirm these models is that the iPhone 7 Plus have dual-camera lens. Given that the design will be almost traced to the iPhone 6/6s, this would be the main attraction for inviting us to update our iPhone waiting for an official presentation that reveals us more interesting points.


The next thing we see in the model of the iPhone 7 Plus is the Smart Connector. The smart connector Apple is already present on both models of the iPad Pro and lets you send information and energy at the same time allowing, for example, use a keyboard that does not use any type of battery. Finally, we also see that the lines for antennas no longer traverse from one side to the iPhone, staying at the top and bottom edges.

In the iPhone 7 Plus model, there is something interesting : a switch to put the iPhone in silent mode. This switch something that appeals to many users, including myself included, so there would be another controversial point in addition to removing the headphone port.

Both Steve and I have doubts about the veracity of the model of the iPhone 7. All leaks, as the image of the housing mentioned at the beginning of this post, show that the ring for the camera disappear resulting in a deformation of the housing which will serve as protection and this clearly see that has a ring. In any case, the dimensions are the same as in this model and does not change anything important. Moreover, this model of iPhone 7 switch does have to put the iPhone in silence, so I do not know what to think.


The images also show something interesting or rather once again, do not show it: there are only two models, which could mean that the iPhone 7 Pro will not exist and will be only one model of 4.7 inches and a Plus model. In any case, we are talking about some models of exposure. For full details still have to wait a couple of months.

(Source: [Google Translate])

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