The iPhone 7 will be presented in September. There have been rumors of dual cameras, water resistance and a lot of new features that we will not detail here. What it does do is echo the latest rumor that talks about the next smartphone apple bite. IPhone 7 will come with two important innovations in design, one that has to do with the (or) camera and another with antennas, two lunar accompanying the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone 6.

MacRumors, making good his name, has been commissioned to launch this new rumor citing sources, they say, already successful in predictions in the past. What sources say is that the iPhone’s camera 7 will be smaller in depth than the iPhone 6. We recall that when Apple introduced the iPhone 6, and it was our desire not to see the same in the 6s, I present a device with a camera sticking out, which prevents the terminals can be well supported on a table.

But there is another point that disfigured the device: the rear lines of the antennas, a forced stripes for the iPhone not lose coverage and are also present in all competing phones that are made of aluminum. These lines also disappear in the next smarphone Apple.

Sources say the design of the iPhone 7 will be very similar to the iPhone 6s, naming only the loss of excessive thickness of the camera (compared with the device) and antennas. This would be possible if two factors come together: the first, related to the cameras, could be finally will use technology from the company that acquired Lynx, specializes in creating small cameras for mobile devices and that would include a dual camera with optical zoom . The second is to use a new material that the Cupertino company could have patented last year.

In any case, we are still in February. Until September they have yet to reach many rumors and many of them are not met. The only thing is that these two changes in the design of the next iPhone do seem possible and necessary.  (Source: MacRumors)

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