In the beginning, the primary cellular Nokia to ship Windows Phone 7 was expected for 2012. A few weeks later, Stephen Elop Himself announced that it would be presented before the end of the year. Yes, and finally yesterday that the CEO of the Finnish manufacturer presented its first prototype to a select committee … It is probably for this reason that the first pictures and the first video mobile was left on the web. So if you want to know what will look like the first Nokia Phone with Windows 7, it is not complicated, you just have to read the rest of the article.


And as you will not miss not likely to notice, it finally looks like a lot to the famous Nokia N9  we discussed earlier in the week. We thus find a rather rectangular shell probably playing (TBC) the map of the unibody polycarbonate, a logo that has overhanging the screen and an overall look rather fun to watch. However, if we are to believe the third picture that accompanies this article, it appears that the screen of this Nokia Phone Windows 7 is not curved as is the N9.

On the back of the unit include the presence of an 8 megapixel sensor . Screwing up his eyes a little, it seems that one can also read another statement just below: "Carl Zeiss" . So it would be the same type of sensor that shipped by Nokia N9. Logic, but you still have to remember that just because a sensor is stamped "Carl Zeiss" it is always exceptional.Sometimes it's just a marketing tool more. That said, Nokia's mobile have always been renowned for the quality of their shots and no doubt this new smartphone will come out pretty well on that side.

On the edge, there are no fewer than four buttons. The first two are used to control the volume, the last to start the application handling the taking of photographs and we can wonder about the one that lies between the two. Personally, I would go for the voice instructions but I would put my hand not to cut. In any case, what is certain is that if these photos and this video is not a fake, then the first Nokia Phone with Windows 7 may appeal to many users.






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