German safety guide Stefan Esser of SektionEins will introduce a device this week known as Antid0te&#a hundred and sixty;on the&#one hundred sixty;Power of Community conference in Seoul, South Korea. Antid0te will combine the ability to jailbreak iOS devices and then automatically add a capability called Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).

The new tools that allow users to make sure the iPhone on which you ran the jailbreak operation. This time we present the first official information publicly released by the developer of the tool so as to examine its operation and how to use.

 When will be released?

Some media have erroneously indicated on December 14 as the date of issuance of Antid0te. The developer stresses that this date has never been officially announced as the tool will be released when it is actually ready to be distributed to users. Tipping the scales we could say that the program could be available just before Christmas.

This is a new jailbreak?

No, Antid0te will not be a new tool for the jailbreak. This program can be used in conjunction with PwnageTool, Redsn0w, and probably Greenpois0n.

New exploits will be used?

No, because Antid0te can be used only on jailbroken iPhone, which is already unlocked. It is therefore not necessary to repeat the exploit.

What devices and firmware is compatible Antid0te?

 Currently the program only supports iOS 4.2.1 and devices that can be upgraded to that version of the software system. Firmware 3.x iPad will never be supported.Antid0te soon be compatible with IOS 4.1 4 iPhone and iPod Touch 4G and probably never will not support the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G upgraded to a version earlier than 4.2.1 iOS

Antid0te with my iPhone will be 100% sure?

Antid0te ASLR system will add to the iPhone. ASLR means, in essence, a different internal management of some important system libraries which makes the process much more compelsso hacking. In concrete terms, your iPhone will be much safer.


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