First Photo of Sparrow on the iPhone


At first of the week, the Gmail iPhone iOS application has appeared on the App Store before disappearing suddenly after a bug on the notification system integrated. And according to the returns of those who tested their iPhone, on their iPod Touch or their iPad, it seems that this is not a great loss. And indeed, if you're one of disappointment and despair if you face the mail client integrated in IOS, the following might interest you.


 For indeed, you may be aware, the excellent Sparrow will soon land on iPhone . Yeah, well the designer has just published a first photo featuring the application. And that, friends, is simply the best news of the week.

 Why? Just because Sparrow has been around for a while on Mac OS and mail client that is simply remarkable. For those who do not yet know him, know that his great strength is mainly based on its interface, an interface that looks very much like any Twitter client. Both say that Sparrow has quickly won over the crowds and it is also possible to find it on the Mac App Store for $9.99 . And by the way, you must know that the latest version of the application is compatible with icloud, giving you one more reason to fall for him.

In an interview with Business Insider  in August, the man behind Sparrow (a Dominique Leca) has been led to speak on the future of its application. And so the little rascal threw a huge stir by announcing the arrival of the tool on iPhone . For now, of course, we do not know the features that will be proposed by the application, but that the first photo featuring leaves us still perceive a lot of things. Apparently, the application will benefit of course an interface similar to the desktop client and there is also a good chance that it supports multiple accounts, which is sure to delight all those who j
uggle with lots of addresses .

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