In recent years, began to emerge a strong feeling that the Samsung still decided to create their own design for the flagship smartphones, significantly different from the product’s main competitor. Example of this Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and ruler Galaxy Ax. But the first serious leak data about the future flagship Galaxy S6 dot the «i» – two well-known designer Samsung returned to their direct responsibilities: one holds the iPhone, and it encircles the second.

01-1-Galaxy-S6-WC-LeakLeaked photos show the metal body is very familiar shape and very familiar with the position of the elements. Rounded edges, micro-USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack below and a round hole ring dynamics, pull-SIM-card slot on the right side, elongated volume buttons – on the left.

Of course, not the fact that it is indeed aluminum chassis from the Galaxy S6, although earlier the web has surfaced very similar renderings and 3D-model, says French source NWE. Photos also came to him from some Chinese colleagues, I assure you that it is really part of the housing of the future flagship of Samsung. By the way, another resource is one of the suppliers of components for the Galaxy S6 stated that “S6 will get a metal casing, which makes the device even more similar to the latest models of smartphones Apple”.

As for the specifications, it is expected to release two identical models in this regard, which differ only in the display. In one he is quite traditional, with a 5.1-inch diagonal and OLED-matrix with Full HD resolution or QHD. In the second company will apply the curved screen in the manner of such in the Galaxy Note Edge.

13 01-2-Galaxy-S6-WC-LeakAs the processor will use a proprietary 8-core SoC Exynos 7420, although in the future expected and models based on Qualcomm Snapdrgon 810 (as soon as the manufacturer will solve the problem with overheating of the chip). Also referred to 3 GB of RAM, 32, 64 and 128 GB of flash memory, 20-megapixel main and a 5-megapixel front camera and a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery of a new generation (smaller predecessors with identical capacity and less heated). Special ‘joy’ cause indicative price: € 750-950 (depending on the amount of flash memory) for a standard model and € 850-1050 for an option with a curved display. [NWE] [Korea Times]

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