First that you can imagine photos of iPhone 5S again surfaced


ETrade Supply has pictures of what is possible the back of the iPhone 5S. From the outside it looks almost the same as the iPhone 5, but inside there are some changes to be seen. So are the screws for the PCB at another location and small segments of the inside slightly changed.

The photos suggest that the iPhone 5S will look like the iPhone 5. Apple should this trend continue, the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S both also appeared on previous models. It is also difficult to determine what all will be different in the iPhone 5S. The board would likely differ from the iPhone 5, but we do not yet know what exactly would be different.
The images can come from the iPhone 5S, but MacRumors points to a number of other possibilities: it could also be an early prototype of the iPhone 5 back, or a fake component. The latter would be remarkable, since the part of both sides is very much resembles the original.


It has thus far largely quiet across the iPhone 5S. Very exceptional shouldn’t be that Apple in September, the iPhone 5 presented. Final month we heard are rumors in regards to the new iPhone, which the trial manufacturing this month would begin. The again of this manufacturing would grow to be.

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