The first units of iPhone 7 begins to reach distributors and some published photos of these devices, despite Apple’s strict rules about it. Thanks to a Chinese distributor, we can not only see the first unboxing of the iPhone 7 but also has revealed us a detail hitherto unknown: the box model Jet Black, the delicate black bright, be different from other, more similar to the box the current Apple TV, completely black, when the box the other models will be white with a similar design from previous years.


After the attention given in the Keynote that Apple showed every detail of the delicate process of polishing of the jet black iPhone 7 with a glossy finish, it is not surprising that the company has wanted to prepare a special packaging for that model, one of the most desirable from the beginning of iPhone 7 pre-order, one of the most acute shortages, with delivery dates from the first moment beyond a week after Sept. 16, and quickly came to November. It could also be that Apple has wanted to make it easier for vendors so they can more easily differentiate the Jet black model and matte black model, unlike the other colors (silver, gold, and pink) come in classic white box.


Friday September 16 sale iPhone 7 and 7 Plus starts at retail stores. What happened to the book, it is expected that the availability of the new smartphone from Apple stores inventory to be low, and soon the claimed models, 32GB of memory in all colors are exhausted, especially in the new black matte that is sweeping. According to the survey , Jet black is situated very close to the black matte, although already known to be a more sensitive device and that its price is higher, and it starts at 128GB of storage. While waiting for the release, enjoy more photos in below.

iphone-7-4 iphone-7-1 iphone-7-unbox1 iphone-7

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