After the 3D Touch display presentation, talking about how it will improve the iPhone camera 6s compared to the previous model was a bit overshadowed. The FaceTime camera has gone from 1.2 megapixel to 5, which is an increase of over 400%, and the main chamber increased by 50% the number of megapixels the previous model, from 8 to 12 megapixels. In addition, the new iPhone camera is capable of recording 6s videos in 4K quality and it was only a matter of hours we had available the first video recorded with an iPhone 6s in with that quality.

As you can see in the video, and if you see directly from youtube or as you can see in the picture below, the video is recorded as 4K. It’s funny to me is that I stumbled when trying to view the video with a 24-inch iMac with 50Mbps connection, but I can see perfectly in HD. This only serves to confirm that burn with such quality not worth unless you have a screen where you can enjoy a video shot in 4K.

video capture in 4k

The released video quality, nobody denies that, but we must not take into account a promotional video that has been recorded in special conditions by professional hands. In order to review whether the iPhone 6s recorded with high quality or not, we have to prove ourselves or wait for other users to upload your videos to YouTube or social networks. Would not be the first time we see stunning images taken with a device, then it falls into our hands and do not clear a single photo or video.

Anyway, the iPhone6s  camera increasing to 12 megapixel is a fact that will far exceed the iPhone’s camera.

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