Fitbit updateFitbit company updated the official client for electronic bracelet Fitbit Force. In patch 2.1 application received support M7 motion coprocessor , which tracks the motor activity of the owner iPhone 5s and transmits the data to the program.

The main goal of integration into the iPhone 5s chip M7, collecting data from the acceleration sensor , gyro and compass – offloads the main processor A7 and improve energy efficiency smartphone. The sensor constantly measures the motion data , even when the iPhone is in sleep mode to save battery power when using pedometers and other applications for fitness which involved an acceleration sensor during the day. Fitbit updated application allows bracelet to interact directly with the chip M7, tracking user activity in real time .

Fitbit Force, the unit from a reputable manufacturer fitness accessories, is a “smart” device aimed at sports fans . Force, equipped with an altimeter and OLED-display , is a further development of the popular Fitbit Flex.


Fitness bracelet is capable of operating at very low power , even performing great feats of synchronization . To communicate with the USB- key on your computer or iPhone, Force uses economical bluetooth- connection. If the wrist wear Force, and in the pocket – a smartphone , they will communicate throughout the day . The user can monitor their progress ( and receive notifications ) in the application itself , or click on a device to activate the screen , which shows how close it is to the target.


Fitbit Drive homeowners get an ideal pedometer rely energy burned and distance traveled , and sleep monitoring tool information synchronization with the applying for the iPhone. Bracelet may also operate as a “sensible” clock , offering notifications about incoming calls , SMS- messages and different process on cell gadgets. As well as , Fitbit Flex rather water-proof : diving it’s not possible, and wash within the bathe – simply. Runtime enhancement is 7-10 days.

Fitbit Pressure offered the producer’s web site in black or grey model is priced at $ 129.ninety five .

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