iOS-7-Jailbreak-TweakCreating smartphones and tablets, Apple has a view of them as quick, efficient and high-efficiency devices. Apple uses high-performance components to achieve unsurpassed performance smartphones and tablets. At the same time programming limitations, animations, and other iOS 7 adversely affect the performance of the mobile devices.

The problem can be solved through informal developments. Using tweaks and programs from Cydia, users can enhance the effectiveness of the iPhone and iPad, make them fast and productive. In our today’s compilation five tweaks to accelerate iOS 7.


To make the interface iOS 7 more natural and friendly, Apple added a system of smooth animation that accompanies most of the action, whether open folders, switch applications, call panel multitasking, move through the menus etc. All these significantly increase the duration of the standard actions. The way out can be FakeClockUp tweak, which allows visual overclocking iOS.


FakeClockUp – a new tweak from Cydia that allows to speed the animation on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It reduces the delay in the interface iOS 7 to 10 times, thereby increasing the speed of the mobile device. Using FakeClockUp you can not only speed up and slow down the animation iOS. The benefit of this, of course, questionable, but looks very cool. To install FakeClockUp on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad need to add Cydia repository

iCleaner Pro

During the download and use applications in iOS 7 changes at the system level. And not always these positive changes are reflected in the performance of the OS. To increase efficiency of work of mobile devices allows informal utility iCleaner Pro 7.1.

iCleaner Pro – one of the most advanced solutions for treatment of iPhone and iPad from clutter. The utility is simple and clear in the management and removes application data, logs, caches, partially downloaded packages from Cydia, unused and temporary files, thus providing a faster system and freeing up space on the flash disk. Consequently destroyed and traces of online activity of the user, for example the history of navigation in the Internet.


iCleaner Pro was written for safe use. The application has multiple levels of security checks to be sure that it will not be removed anything that was useful. For the advanced user mode to run via the command line. Repository for downloading the beta version iCleaner Pro 7.1 –


NoSlowAnimations changes the speed of the interface of the Apple operating system in the easiest way. Without additional settings can be accelerated graphics rendering on your iPhone and iPad.


What makes NoSlowAnimations, at first glance may seem to overclocking. Actually utility only adjusts the system parameter responsible for the processing of graphic functions. NoSlowAnimations increases the speed of the animation so that the use of the iOS did not cause discomfort to the users who don’t like the smooth transitions in the interface of the operating system.

This tweak can really be useful, especially for owners of older devices, who can thus get a visual acceleration OS. It is also recommended that the toggle switch to the Settings -> General -> Universal access -> Reduce movement.


Chrome for iOS has a simple interface and supports synchronization of bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and forms. However, Apple does not allow Google to use for the program Nitro JavaScript engine. First, he was tried in the desktop browser, Safari, and with version 4.3 built-WebKit – basis Safari.

Nitro JavaScript reduces processing time of scenario is more than two times, but Google have to settle its older version of the UIWebView, which does not allow her to compete in their capacity with the Apple product. The only suitable option for Internet giant – older modification UIWebView. According to the results of testing, a simple web sites to interact on equal terms with the Nitro, but if a web page uses JavaScript code, the playback speed is reduced from 2 to 6 times. And, as is known, now the majority of sites on the Internet are with JavaScript.


Jailbreak-tweak, which would enable the Nitro JavaScript for Google Chrome, have been waiting for since the browser exits. But the developer Nitrous went further and proposed a solution used to activate a fast engine to any third-party applications on the iPhone and iPad, including clients for Twitter and Facebook. Just go to settings Nitrous and mark the desired programs.

After installation твика from Cydia any iOS application with an embedded browser operate at the level of Safari, does not yielding to the speed of the browser Apple.


In iOS 7 has a hidden settings. They are not accessible to ordinary users and are designed to debug and test the OS developers Apple. Jailbreak and special tweak from Cydia allows you to enable menu to fine-tune the iOS 7.

Using a separate option, you can control the screen lock folders, Paragraph management, notification Center, animation, parallax effect, Wallpaper, icons and other functions of the OSes. Hidden settings you can also enable new gestures to manage the folders and other standard elements of the interface OS. In particular, options allow you to customize the graphic effects like blur, color and speed of the animations.


Get get entry to to hidden choices iOS 7 very simple on most gadgets. You simplest wish to set up tweak HiddenSettings7 (assuming your software is  jailbroken). This free add-in is allotted by way of a regular Cydia repository.

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