top-reasons-to-jailbreak-iosDoes jailbreak practical sense and what the price for the liberation ? Here are five reasons why you should not contrive to escape from a reliable, safe and comfortable ” prison ” of Apple.

1. stability

Jailbreak can lead to malfunction of iOS 7 , as well as standard and third-party applications . You may even lose data. Judging by references Jailbreak’ers problems , such an outcome is really possible. However, it should be noted that iOS 7 also works less stable than its predecessor , including iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Spontaneous reboot the device and departures programs , including 7 adapted for iOS and even staff ( does Safari) have become much more frequent.

2 . Runtimes

Apple applications carefully optimized to minimize battery consumption . Third-party programs and tweaks installed via Cydia on jailbroken devices , so caring attitude to the battery no different. ” Compromised » iPhone and iPad can work fine, but no one can guarantee that any application will drain power ” in the background “, leaving the user in the second half of the day with a fully discharge gadget.

3 . updates iOS

In some cases, unauthorized modifications lead to irreversible changes in the operating system iOS. As a result , when the user puts on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, the latest updates, the gadget can simply stop working. The latest versions of jailbreak locks the system of automatic updates , so users ” hacked » iOS- devices will not be updated automatically.

4 . Problems with the standard functions

Installing the jailbreak may adversely affect some of the standard system features. For example, there can be problems with push- notifications used for notification of new mail , messages, husky , etc. Sometimes it happens that the notice to be compromised for one device , transferred to another. Unstable can start working after breaking i- devices and other system services . In addition , there may be a communication problem. Users may encounter cliffs calls, slow or unstable data transmission , as well as improper or delayed transmission of location data .

5 . security

Jailbreak reduces the number of levels of protection used iOS devices for defense against viruses and hacker attacks. Staffing software Apple tested as Apple employees in the development and hundreds of millions of people in everyday use , and any “holes” are fast becoming public, then eliminated. Software is installed after the jailbreak , can contain any malicious code that may remain for a long time unnoticed. So the risk of unauthorized access to your data or damage the device through malicious code after jailbreak increases manifold .

As regards the issue of deprivation of warranty, “hacking ” is indeed a violation of the EULA , since Apple forbids modify operating system iPhone and iPad. However, the user before taking the device in a company can always restore the factory firmware via iTunes or completely reset the system menu , returning to its original gadget state .

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