After Apple released iOS 11.2.6 update to fix the now famous bug related to the dreaded Indian character, several users are starting to complain about continued having their AirPods disconnected

If you are also experiencing these small but certainly annoying problems here is how to solve in a simple and in a few steps. In fact, it will be sufficient to remove the coupling of your earphones, and then proceed to a new connection.

To carry out the removal procedure:

Step 1: Go the Settings app on the iPhone you are experiencing issues with.

Step 2: Click on Bluetooth and then select “i” to disconnect the AirPods. At this point you simply have to press on Dissociate this device and confirm in the following message the desire to remove the coupling.

Step 3: Then click  Forget This Device.  Your AirPods will therefore be totally disconnected from your iCloud account and to perform a new pairing it will be sufficient to repeat the procedure just removed from the sales box, ie open the case of the earphones near iPhone and pair them with the wizard

Step 4: Once completed, do the re-pair AirPods  again normally

Are you also experiencing these problems? Let us know in the comments if this procedure was successful and if this little guide was decisive.


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