ios 7.0.6 update

ios 7.0.6 updateSome users who installed the new firmware iOS 7.0.6, faced with the problem of abnormal discharge of the battery . However, users have noted that the housing iPhone and iPad during operation heats more than usual.

iOS 7.0.6 is a patch to solve the problems with verification of SSL- connection. This is very important from the point of view of safety update – iOS 7 vulnerability allows hackers to intercept traffic when connected to the same wireless network with the iPhone and iPad. However, after installing iOS 7.0.6 began to complain to the rapid discharge of the battery . Charge “flows ” before our eyes in those moments when people taking up their devices .

The problem affected not all owners of iOS- devices , but the number of posts Support Apple suggests that this case is not unique. Bug with fast discharging the battery , which brought Update iOS 7.0.6, solved easily .

The first thing to do – open the multitasking bar by double-clicking on the iPhone Home button and close all applications . After that you need to do a hard reset . To do this, simultaneously hold the Home button and the Power button until the device restarts and displays the Apple logo.

According to research firm Chitika, update iOS 7.0.6, released on February 21 , during the first 48 hours, 13.3% of users have installed iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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